In the nine months since the Surface Hub has launched, 2,000 customers have ordered the device in 24 markets. Each order ranged from one to 1,500 units, and Microsoft is gearing up for 2017 by introducing new ways to purchase the device, considering the strong demand for the product.
A survey by IDC shows that 73 percent of businesses hope to move to a subscription based model for IT procurement over the next three years. Customers in the UK will be able to get Surface Hubs soon from Microsoft’s partner, Maverick. There are twenty six partners spread across Europe, Asia, US, Canada and the UK. Microsoft is also launching the Surface Hub Value Added Distributors Program for Opportunity Resellers (VAD-OR) program, to allow Surface Hub distributors to deliver the same quality of service to opportunity resellers.
Jon Sidwick, VP of Maverick Europe, says, “This service is a real channel game changer for the collaboration market. Many companies offer various forms of leasing; our process will be far more sophisticated and accessible. We will be kicking off this service in partnership with Microsoft this year on a country by country basis to offer Surface Hub as a Service. This will enable resellers to access a subscription model then only have the Hub in place for as long as they need. The successful implementation of this type of program will create a far quicker sales cycle with more sophisticated solutions.”
Additionally, the Surface Hub will also be available as a try and buy product in certain markets through select retailers. Customers will be able to use a Surface hub for 30 days before placing an order. The program is intended for enterprise clients to try out a device before placing large orders.