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10 Classic PC Games You Can Play On Your Android Device

Sometimes, mobile games just aren’t enough. The convenience of cutting a rope to give a boxed creature a sweet might be fun, but like the aimless meandering inspired by Pok√©mon Go, it’s ultimately forgettable.
What you want on your Android smartphone or tablet are games that rock you to your core, experiences that pull you into the narrative, digital encounters that are ultimately unforgettable.
Yep, we’re talking about PC games here, desktop gaming magic from Windows and Mac personal computers. They just don’t seem to make them like that for Android, do they?
Or do they? Well, this list of 10 classic PC games that you can play on Android should give you plenty to think about.

GTA Series

In fact, our list features more than ten games, as several entries represent multiple titles. Take the three Grand Theft Auto games — GTA IIIGTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas  for example.
Each delivering considerably different experiences across three crime-centric worlds, the

New wind turbine that harnesses the energy of typhoons could power Japan for 50 years

By Rob Thubron on September 30, 2016, 6:15 AM

Japan feels the devastating effects of typhoons several times per year – in 2016 alone there have already been six. They can cause a trail of destruction, along with many dead and injured civilians who get caught in their path. But an engineer from the country has designed a new type of wind turbine that can harness this immense energy and use it for good.

Atsushi Shimizu claims that a series of his prototype devices could collect enough energy from a single typhoon to power the whole of Japan for 50 years.

The unique, egg beater-shaped turbine’s omnidirectional vertical axis can withstand an intense storm’s powerful winds and rain. Moreover, the speed of the blades are adjustable, meaning they won’t spin wildly out of control – a big problem with super typhoon speeds reaching up to 150 mph.

The Fukushima disaster saw Japan turn away from nuclear power. It now imports 84 percent of its energy requirements. "Our generation reaped the benefit of nuclear power - we never experience a power blackout because of it," Shimizu says. "Now we are responsible for changing the future."

CNN reports that while Japan has tried to use wind energy in

Google expands Waze Rider pilot program to San Francisco users

By Jose Vilches on September 30, 2016, 11:15 AM

Google has quietly begun rolling out its Waze ride-sharing service to users in the San Francisco Bay Area, following a pilot program that was initially available to more than 25,000 employees at select companies such as Adobe and Walmart. The service puts Google in competition with Uber’s UberPool and Lyft’s Line services, but with some key differences in the business model.

While the aforementioned Uber and Lyft services are basically swapouts for taxis that let you split the cost of your trip with another rider headed in the same direction, Google said it intends to have the Waze app match drivers and riders already looking to move in the same direction.

The driver is only reimbursed for mileage driven at a maximum of 54 cents per mile — Google says it doesn't believe drivers need to report any payment as income because it is considered gas money. Coordination, communication, and payment are automatically handled through the mobile apps.

According to an account by a Wall Street Journal reporter taking a trip from San Francisco’s financial district to Oakland — roughly a 20-minute ride — Google paid the driver $6.30 and charged the rider just $3 — factoring in a discount for the service’s launch. The

Ubisoft CEO says NX could put Nintendo "back in the race"

By Shawn Knight on September 30, 2016, 12:00 PM

Nintendo for a period of time in the ‘80s and ‘90s ruled over the relatively young gaming industry. It found success once again with its motion-sensing Wii console a decade ago but struck out swinging with its follow-up, the ill-fated Wii U.

With Microsoft and Sony prepping a historic mid-cycle console refresh in Project Scorpio and the PlayStation 4 Pro, respectively, it’s easy to forget that Nintendo also has a new gaming machine waiting in the wings in the NX (and even more so considering Nintendo has remained tight-lipped about it thus far).

According to one developer and publisher, it’ll be hard to overlook Nintendo’s new system once it arrives.

During a recent meeting with investors, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said he believes the NX will put Nintendo back in the race. That’s in addition to statements given earlier this month in which he praised the NX as being a fantastic machine with a genuinely new

Facebook is testing a clone of Snapchat stories inside Messenger

By Jose Vilches on October 1, 2016, 9:00 AM

Nearly two months after the successful launch of Instagram Stories, Facebook is now bringing a Snapchat-like way of sharing moments within Messenger. Dubbed Messenger Day, the feature essentially lets people share photos and videos with layered text, scribbles and stickers that disappear in 24 hours. Each image can be displayed for up to 10 seconds.

A Facebook spokesman told TechCrunch that the social network is “running a small test of new ways for people to share updates visually,” but for now that test is limited to users in Poland. The company noted that it often runs such experiments, but they don’t always turn into actual products, and that it has nothing to announce for now.

Similar to Instagram’s implementation, Messenger Day feeds are available at the top of the Messenger home screen, above recent conversations. Users can respond to an individual photo or video and the conversation will be directed to

The impact of Web 3.0 on the fintech industry

The impact of Web 3.0 on the fintech industry

By Aditya Agarwal
Ever imagined that one day a social networking website like Facebook will automatically start describing the content of photos especially to the blind and visually impaired users? Also, wondered how Google predicts what you are looking for the moment you type ‘Goa’ and starts showing results in the form of air tickets and destinations in Goa to visit? Or how Apple can analyse your facial expressions and read your emotions besides recognising your speech? These phenomena are nothing but virtually advanced solutions that global tech giants are investing in using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques to make our lives better. The story doesn’t end here. These major driving forces of the new generation of the web have the potential to disrupt a lot beyond the offerings by these corporate giants.
The integration of high-speed internet network with financial services has already enabled the transition of the banking industry from paper and branch banks to digitised and networked banking services. It has changed the internal accounting and management systems of banks and is now

Twitter targets small business accounts, launches Dashboard app

Twitter targets small business accounts, launches Dashboard app

Image Credits: Reuters
To help business owners connect with their users, micro-blogging website Twitter has launched “Twitter Dashboard” — an app to streamline engagement for business accounts. “Available on web and iOS version, Dashboard includes features that have popped up in other Twitter products in the past. In both versions, Twitter guides you through a quick process to create a custom “About You” feed tailored to show tweets about your company or business,” Technology website Engadget reported.
The feed takes into account what type of business you are running, then combines mentions and keyword searches to find people talking about your brand, even if they do not tag your handle directly, the report said. On Tuesday, Twitter added a new feature that would let a user add virtual stickers to photos

Facebook activates safety check feature after Turkey attack


Facebook activates safety check feature after Turkey attack
Image: Reuters
Social networking giant Facebook activated its safety check feature for users after the a suicide attack killed 36 people at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport on Tuesday night, a media report said. The bombing dominated social media on Tuesday, with #Istanbul trending worldwide on Twitter, along with #terorelanetolsun (a cursing condemnation of terrorism in Turkish) and Ataturk Havalimani’nda (‘at Ataturk airport’ in Turkish). #PrayforTurkey was also trending, Fox News reported.
The feature allows people to notify their friends if they are in the affected area and mark themselves as safe. A click or tap on the “I’m Safe” button lets friends and loved ones know straight away. Users can also check to see

You can now stream gaming apps on Facebook Live using BlueStacks

You can now stream gaming apps on Facebook Live using BlueStacks

Mobile gaming platform BlueStacks announced on Friday an integration with Facebook Live’s application programming interface that allows users to stream their apps and games directly to the social networking site. With this integration, BlueStacks’ over 150 million users can now livestream any app from inside BlueStacks to their own profile, their friend’s timelines, or their own fan page, the San Jose-based company said in a statement.
“Contextual streaming is the future of live,” said BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma. “By giving people the ability to pair live streams with any app, it allows them to create more engaging content,” Sharma noted. “We want to free people up to engage in app-fueled experiences like singing with Smule’s ‘Sing! Karaoke or sharing their

Qualcomm to attempt to fight EU antitrust charges during a hearing in November

Qualcomm to attempt to fight EU antitrust charges during a hearing in November

U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm will attempt to fend off EU antitrust charges at a hearing on Nov. 10 that it used anti-competitive methods to squeeze out a rival, two people familiar with the matter said on Friday. The European Commission may take Qualcomm’s arguments at the hearing into account in the

Apple owes $302.4 million after losing patent retrial to VirnetX for technology used in FaceTime


Apple owes $302.4 million after losing patent retrial to VirnetX for technology used in FaceTime
Image Credit: REUTERS
A federal jury in Texas on Friday night ordered Apple Inc to pay more than $302 million in damages for using VirnetX Holding Corp’s patented internet security technology without permission in features including its FaceTime video conferencing application. The verdict came in a new trial in Tyler, Texas that had been ordered by the judge in the case, Robert Schroeder, who last August threw out VirnetX’s $625.6 m

EU antitrust regulators order Google to cease anti-competitive practices with Android, large fine expected


EU antitrust regulators order Google to cease anti-competitive practices with Android, large fine expected
Not that kind of L, we hope (Original Image: CBS Interactive)
EU antitrust regulators plan to order Alphabet’s Google to stop paying financial incentives to smartphone makers to pre-install Google Search exclusively on their devices and warned the company of a large fine, an EU document showed.
The document, running to more than 150 pages, was sent to complainants last week for feedback. Google received a copy in April in which the

Apple partners with Flipkart to bring iPhone 7 and other Apple devices to India

Apple partners with Flipkart to bring iPhone 7 and other Apple devices to India

Apple has partnered with Flipkart to bring the iPhone 7 to India. The partnership means that Flipkart will now get devices and marketing supported directly from Apple.
Earlier, Flipkart had to source Apple devices from third-

Amazon and Flipkart offer festive season deals to online shoppers


Amazon and Flipkart offer festive season deals to online shoppers
Image Credit:
E-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart have started offering deals to attract potential consumers. Amazon has launched “Great Indian Festival” where the company is offering discounts and additional cash back offers. The company is offering prizes worth Rs 4 crore for the consumers who will use Amazon mobile app for shopping.
Amazon is banking on exclusive deals to

Malware downloaded every 81 seconds, says new Check Point security report

A new report from Check Point claims that the average day in an enterprise organization is rife with malware and malicious applications.

By Conner Forrest | September 20, 2016, 7:22 AM PST

A new report, released by security company Check Point on Tuesday, claims that some form of known malware is downloaded every 81 seconds in an enterprise organization. The report also highlights other alarming cybercrime behavior that occurs in businesses every day.

Data was collected from more that 1,100 security "checkups" that were performed by Check Point for companies around the world. According to the report, that data was

Why Oracle needs to follow Microsoft's lead in its cloud strategy

Microsoft didn't try to beat AWS at its own game, and neither should Oracle. Rather, the company should focus on legacy workloads to remain competitive.

By Matt Asay | September 22, 2016, 6:33 AM PST

Oracle talked a big cloud game at the 2016 Oracle OpenWorld, but it's arguably telling the wrong story. Oracle insists it will compete vigorously on price and also on innovation, claiming its complete cloud stack ownership gives it a competitive advantage against AWS. Neither, however, is true, and neither speaks to Oracle's most compelling strength in the cloud: Oracle's legacy enterprise business.

Though CIOs seem ready to pack up and leave their

How to create a Windows 10-based kiosk with Assigned Access

By Greg Shultz | September 30, 2016, 6:12 AM PST

The Assigned Access feature lets you configure a kiosk so that only one app is available. Here's how it works in Windows 10.

A kiosk provides a great way to display information about your company and its products or services. You can also use a kiosk to limit access to a certain application. In Windows 10, the Assigned Access feature allows you to easily configure a system so that the user has access to just a single Windows app. This could be any native Windows 10 app, a Windows app from the Windows Store, or a custom app you have created and side loaded on a Windows 10 system.

In this article, I show how to set up and use the

How to set up passwordless authentication for MySQL

Image: Jack Wallen

If you manage multiple MySQL servers and want a simplified means of logging in, see how to use the new passwordless authentication feature.

By Jack Wallen | September 30, 2016, 7:36 AM PST

If you frequently log into numerous MySQL servers, I bet sometimes you just want in without having to remember which user/password combination goes with which server...or which server is used for which service. This can be exacerbated when

How to update to iOS 10 using Apple Configurator 2

Apple Inc.

Updating to iOS 10 is pretty simple for end users, though it's not a breeze for IT teams, which might have to update hundreds of devices. Apple Configurator 2 can help.

By Jesus Vigo | September 30, 2016, 10:58 AM PST

Apple Configurator 2, the Apple-provided application that allows for mass configuration of iOS-based devices, offers the right blend of user experience and powerful management features to simplify the deployment process for any SMB or enterprise environment. I'll show you how to configure iOS devices for iOS 10 with Apple Configurator 2.

SEE: Screenshots: A complete roundup of new iOS 10 features


Apple computer running OS X 10.11.5 or


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Apple Configurator 2

At least one iOS-based device

At least one USB charging cable for your iOS device

Powered USB hub (only required if updating multiple iOS devices at the same time)

Administrative credentials

Update to iOS 10 using Apple Configurator 2

1. Launch the Apple Configurator and click the Get Started button to access the main screen (Figure A).

Figure A

Image: Jesus Vigo/TechRepublic

2. Power on and connect your iOS device via the USB charging cable to an open USB port or an optional USB hub. The app will detect the model of the iOS device and provide the device name once it's fully connected. If multiple devices are connected at once, they will be displayed onscreen, and a badge will appear with the number of devices ready for configuration (Figure B).

Figure B

Image: Jesus Vigo/TechRepublic

3. Highlight all the devices you wish to update and click the Update button in the toolbar. This will query Apple's database to locate the latest versions of iOS supported for each device and compare them to the database (Figure C) (Figure D).

Figure C

Image: Jesus Vigo/TechRepublic

Figure D

Image: Jesus Vigo/TechRepublic

4. After clicking the Update button when prompted, click the Accept button to agree to Apple's Licensing Terms (Figure E).

Figure E

Image: Jesus Vigo/TechRepublic

5. Apple Configurator 2 will begin to download the latest versions of iOS and save them to the computer. As the download completes, the update process will begin for the devices connected (Figure F) (Figure G).

Figure F

Image: Jesus Vigo/TechRepublic

Figure G

Image: Jesus Vigo/TechRepublic

6. The download process will depend on your internet speeds from your ISP; however, the upgrade process takes about 20 minutes on average, and multiple devices can be upgraded at the same time from the same IPSW firmware file.

When installation is complete, the device will reboot before reconnecting to Apple Configurator 2 again. This is normal operating procedure, and the screen may change to reflect a disconnect during this brief time (Figure H).

Figure H

Image: Jesus Vigo/TechRepublic

7. When the iOS device has been successfully updated, you will be required to unlock the device once to finalize the process. You may not disconnect your newly updated iOS device (Figure I).

Figure I

Image: Jesus Vigo/TechRepublic

With the basic update process completed, you'll find that Apple Configurator 2 has a lot more to offer when deploying specific configuration sets using Blueprints or preparing devices to be securely managed or supervised either manually or Over-the-Air (OTA) using Mobile Device Management (MDM) servers.

Reddit user claims iPhone 7 Plus exploded in box

Image: iStockphoto/michalz86

By Conner Forrest | September 30, 2016, 8:42 AM PST

Reddit user kroopthesnoop posted an image on the site that appears to show an iPhone 7 Plus model that exploded in its packaging.

In an effort not to be outdone by rival Samsung, it appears that Apple's iPhones are exploding now as well. A Reddit user named kroopthesnooprecently  posted an image link to the site that appears to show an iPhone 7 Plus, ordered by his or her coworker, that exploded in the package.

The image can be viewed directly here. An updated gallery with more images can be viewed here.

The original Reddit post, titled "Running a little hot," claimed that the coworker who preordered the device received it in its current condition. If this is true, it could
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