Skype is a Microsoft owned video chatting application. Skype is free, but there are features for paid subscribers. It has now launched a program to improve Skype, based on feedback from its most dedicated users. Those who are interested in the program will have early access to the latest features and updates across all platforms, before a wider roll out. Skype Insiders will also be able to contribute to the direction the product goes in, as well as help the Skype team improve the user experience.
Planned new features include group video calls, one on one VoIP audio calls, and Emoji. Skype Insiders can get the latest updates on the desktop as well as mobile versions of the app. Skype is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux based computers, as well as smartphone operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows.
Skype Insiders will be able to test the updates and provide feedback to Microsoft, to fix the issues before a wider roll out of the features. Users will also be able to submit suggestions to the Skype team, requesting of new features they would like to see in the product.
Users can sign up for the Skype Insiders program from here. There is a clause that prevents users from disclosing sensitive and confidential information about new updates for a period of years, and the clause holds even after the user discontinues the program, or Microsoft decides to terminate the participation by the user. The Skype Insiders program involves using a separate beta build of the application, which can be installed along with the  vanilla version.