Google is now rolling out a new version of Android to Nexus and Pixel devices in the market. The new version of Android is not Android O as you may think but Android Nougat 7.1.2. The company initially released a beta version for Android 7.1.2 back in January along with the second beta back in March.
The new update is nothing significant and does not add any additional functionality to the operating system except the fingerprint scanner gesture.
The fingerprint scanner gesture is coming to Nexus 6P and 5X along with Pixel launcher for Pixel C tablet. The update also added the option to choose where you want to set the live wallpapers along with a new battery usage list as detailed by Android Police.
The option to choose where you want to set the live wallpapers gives you the option to choose if you want to only apply the current live wallpaper to the homescreen or the lockscreen also. The new battery usage list presents a ‘Usage alerts’ list where Android can list that apps that are draining more battery than usual.
The new update seems more focused on fixing bugs and issues in the operating system rather than introducing any ground breaking features that will improve the functionality the the Android O update. The update is rolling out gradually to all the devices. Nexus Player and Google Pixel C users have started receiving the update.
Publish date: April 3, 2017 1:48 pm| Modified date: April 3, 2017 1:48 pm