Microsoft may be working on a new Windows Phone device for the year. While not the much-awaited Surface Phone, this device is expected to be a regular Windows 10 Mobile-based smartphone.
The new device, which is expected towards the end of this year, is said to be just like the regular Windows Phone devices that a fractional minority of the smartphone world still uses today.
The new phone is not expected to feature the ARM compatible version of Windows 10 or support Win32 Windows Store apps, reports Softpedia.
Softpedia points to various German sources which also suggest that a Windows 10 Mobile-based device is coming this year and that a Surface Phone with an ARM-compatible version of Windows 10 will come around 2019.
These are rumours of course, and we can’t see why Microsoft is even working on Windows 10 Moble devices even today. Microsoft has lost so much market-share in the smartphone space that the sales figures border on insignificant.
Microsoft fans still hold hope for the Surface phone, and to be fair, there’s no reason not to. The Surface lineup is showing a lot of promise even today, with the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Book and the Surface Studio together forming a compelling collection of elegant and unique computing options.
One can only hope that the Surface Phone meets these expectations.