If nothing else, US President Donald Trump is a prolific tweeter. With over 30,000 tweets to his name, it’s hard to see him as anything less.
So far, Trump’s tweet-machine of choice has been an Android phone, one that he’s held onto even after taking over as the President of the United States (Potus). The problem with using an Android phone as Potus is that Android is not actually a very secure operating system, as far as presidents are concerned at least.
If Trump was using a modern Android phone, chances are that the device would still be relatively secure, but no. Trump being Trump, he’s been using an ancient Samsung Galaxy S3 since the time he took office. That phone hasn’t received software updates in years. Anonymous even published a very simple guide to hacking Trump’s phone.
Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama used a specially modified iPhone while he was Potus and Trump was expected to do the same. We’re not sure why or how Trump was allowed to use his beloved Tweet machine for so long, but whatever the case, it appears that he’s finally made the switch.
As The Guardian notes, Trump’s Twitter handle has been tweeting from an iPhone app since at least 8 March.
As The Guardian also notes, Trump’s aides do tweet from the President’s handle from time to time as well, but they tend to use iPhones. As such, observers would attribute every tweet made using an Android device to Donald Trump and the rest to his aides. Now that distinction will be less clear.
Of course, it’s also possible that Trump has, as unthinkable as it may sound, relinquished tweeting rights to his aides.