Oppo today unveiled a brand new dual-camera sensor that incorporates a 5x optical zoom via a novel new lens layout.
The layout, which uses the periscope principle (the same tech you see in submarines), reflects the incoming light by 90 degrees, thus sending the light beams horizontally through a set of lenses. This system effectively increases the focal length of the camera, thus providing extended optical zoom. A prism is used to bend the light.
Given its design, the phone also uses a new type of image stabilisation. The prism itself provides a degree of optical image stabilisation (OIS) as does the lens arrangement itself. Oppo claims that this technology provides even more stability than a traditional, lens-only OIS system.
Oppo says that the new sensor is just 5.7mm tall, making it compact enough to be inserted into a smartphone. No phone featuring the new sensor has been announced yet.
The smartphone maker is also expected to demo an ultra-fast charging mechanism that will charge a smartphone battery from 0-100 in just 15 minutes.
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