Nokia has announced the launch of the iconic and legendary Nokia Snake game for Facebook Messenger users. The game is an iconic and instant reminder at being one of the very first mobile games in the era of dumb phones which predated the colour-display mobile phones. Even though the company has announced the launch of Snake game in colour with the reborn Nokia 3310, users can play the Nokia Snake game in all its mono colour glory in the Facebook Messenger app.
Nokia Snake Facebook Messenger
One thing to note is that the game is not available for everyone because of the limited availability of Facebook Games. Facebook Messenger Games are only available in Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada, United States, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Latvia, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, New Zealand, France, Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong, Russian Federation, Estonia, Taiwan, Slovenia, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Israel, Lithuania, Spain, and Italy at the time of writing. A wider rollout in other countries has not been announced but is expected to soon follow.
Nokia Snake Facebook Messenger
For the people who can play Facebook Games, go to the Facebook Messenger on your Android or iOS device and tap on the ‘Games’ button, you may have on ‘More’ button to get to the ‘Games’ tab but it will be on the list. After tapping on the ‘Games’ button, you will be greeted with a list of games available for you to play and you will find Nokia ‘Snake’ on the top of the list. The procedure is the same while using Facebook Messenger on your desktop.
If you still can’t wait to play the game, we have got you covered as you can access the ‘Snake’ game despite Facebook games not available for users in India. To do this, you need to ensure that Facebook Messenger App is updated. This procedure is tried and tested on Android smartphone devices.
After updating the Facebook Messenger app to the latest available version, clear the ‘Data’ and ‘Cache’ for Facebook Messenger from the ‘Apps’ submenu from the Settings page of the smartphone. The option to clear the ‘Data’ and ‘Cache’ will be available under the ‘Storage’ option in the ‘App info’ section of the app. After clearing the ‘Data’ and ‘Cache’, you need to install any free VPN app for example ‘Opera VPN‘ and set the location as ‘United States’ or ‘Canada’ in the VPN.
Nokia Snake Facebook Messenger
Once the location is set as ‘United States’ in the VPN app, head to Facebook Messenger and login using your account details. Once you login, you can now access the ‘Games’ option and head to the ‘Games’ section to play ‘Snake’ as mentioned above.
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