It certainly looks like the future of the smartphone is the digital assistant. The space is currently ruled by Google Now and Siri. Alexa and Cortana aren’t far behind either. Joining the fray, possibly, is Nokia’s own assistant and this one’s called Viki.
Google Assistant is an evolution of Google Now, but isn’t available on many devices yet. spotted Viki in a trademark filing made by Nokia. The trademark application was for the name Viki, and describes a software for “the creation and monitoring of mobile and web assistants working with digital knowledge and combining all data sources into a single chat and voice-based interface.”
Nokia, which recently revived its brand with the launch of the Android powered Nokia 6 in China, seems to have its heart in the right place. Samsung is also aware of the impending, AI-powered future and has been working on its own digital assistants for a while now (dubbed Bixby and Kestra).
As far as we’re aware, Viki is still only a name on a trademark application and we don’t even know the work that has been done on this AI.
There is also no timeline on if and when Viki will make its way to Nokia’s devices.