Pouts, sneers and tongue-in-cheek or tongue-out expressions – this is the time for some experimentation and self-indulgence as pictures speak a thousand words. In a selfie-obsessed culture and world of virtual communities, it has become almost mandatory to have a few selfie tricks up your sleeve.
While posing might look unnatural, there are some angles and tilts that give out the cool vibe you never knew you had. Here are some ways we can help you explore some steps to that perfect selfie:
Your Signature Pose is good, but experimenting with something new enhances the delightful selfie-taking adventure
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Your standard knee-up or chin down profile look might make you feel and look great, so when you are unsure of any other pose, click a selfie with your signature pose. But, if you are off for a vacation, you may want to take a selfie while snorkeling, trekking or having fun on the beach while being safe. When it’s your new haircut, trendy new outfit, spectacled look or those dazzling pair of danglers, just engage yourself in a picture with the newbie. You are sure to love this new you!
Sometimes natural is the best
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It’s not as much your concealer, highlighter and blusher that makes you look perfect in a selfie as much as your confidence, and that oh-so-infectious smile! Just look your most natural, composed and beautiful self and capture yourself with √©lan! Many devices now come with beautification features, choose one which exhibits your natural beauty, then you would have a beautiful and natural-looking selfie without make-up!
Express yourself in the most fun way!
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Whether you choose to smile, pout, make silly faces, try some props (like using a pillow under your head when trying a lying-down selfie) or show the cheerful, lively self that you are – just let loose, be yourself, and express better with panache. Sometimes just a hand high on your waist and pushing your elbow a little behind you or crossing your legs makes you look so much better – making you feel more confident and look like you are not trying too hard.
Adjust the lighting
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When the room is artificially backlit, your poses would end up looking unnatural and your clothes may not look the way they really are. To fix this problem, either have some natural light or artificial light in front of you and accentuate your curves with a hand on your waist or choose a Smartphone device with a bigger aperture, a higher pixel size and a good algorithm to deal with dim or over-bright lighting. When taking an outdoor selfie, all you need to do is block the sun with your head and your face will have the apt lighting with a natural glow.
Stability is the Key
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While you hold the phone camera right above your head for the artsy selfie, stability is one key aspect that you wouldn’t want to miss. After all, who would want a blurred or a shaky selfie after all the efforts you have put into it? Just use the gesture shutter and timer function. Then taking best selfie shots in a click while holding the camera stable will seem like a piece of cake. You will have enough time and free hand to get ready for your ideal pose!
Filter and Choose
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There’s nothing wrong in editing your best selfie and experimenting with the uber-cool filters, creating a fun collage or making yourself look vintage. A host of plug-ins and filters are available on present-day Smartphones that help you be your most creative self with watermarking features that allow you to imprint photos with time, date, temperature, et al.
A good phone for those perfect selfies
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A Smartphone with bigger RAM for faster and effective performance to make sure you can get a perfect selfie in just one snap, and bigger ROM for more storage space is what you need for those adorable selfies. OPPO F1s upgraded version is one such selfie expert that comes with 4 GB RAM and a 64 GB ROM expandable up to 128 GB (that means you can click 10,000 more selfies than the original version and store them all)is available now.
The upgraded F1s inherits the 16MP front camera with a unique Beautifyfunction which could provide you beautiful and natural-looking selfies. Its 1/3.1-inchcustomizedsensorwithuniquepatternofpixelarrangement, together with the Screen Flash feature and advanced algorithm, could help you deal with all the light conditions easily, even in low light. The plug-in filters and watermarks give you endless possibility and fun for selfie-taking.
Now, OPPO also offers a Grey version variant of upgraded F1s. Together with the metal body, it provides you premium looking and hand feel, making you look as unique and perfect as the selfies you click with it.
So are you ready for a premium selfie experience with these hacks?
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