Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has hinted that the ‘edit’ functions to edit mistakes may soon be coming to the platform. Dorsey started an impromptu Twitter town hall with the users last night asking them about the most important things that Twitter can improve or create in 2017. He posted his thoughts about the edit feature as a response to the tweets asking for the implementation of the feature.
He pointed out that the company was looking into the request since a long time and that the feature is “def needed” for all the users to improve the platform as a product.
Dorsey responded to users by asking for suggestions on how to implement the feature because of the complexities involved in adding the feature. He asked if the users need a 5-minute window to correct the mistakes done while tweeting or the edit anytime implementation better for the users.
Dorsey did point out that anything beyond a time window based edit feature would require tweet ‘revision’ history so that users can check what the original tweet was in case any troll tries to take the conversation out of context. One Twitter user suggested that the edit function should be rolled out for users with verified Twitter accounts. Dorsey clarified that the feature would roll out to all the users and not just the ones with verified accounts.
Even though he identifies edit feature as one of the most requested and important things on the platform, the discussion does not automatically mean that the feature is confirmed. There is no official confirmation at the moment, but the discussion itself is better than a situation where users think that Twitter is not taking their feedback into account. This comes right after the company launched 360-degee live videos on Twitter and Periscope.
One interesting conversation in the Twitter town hall was the interaction between Dorsey and Bored Elon Musk, a parody account of Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk. Bored Elon Musk suggested verifications for parody accounts to which Dorsey replied with “boring”. Bored Elon Musk quipped with “Multiverse Twitter access for seeing tweets from yourself and yourself and yourself” as an improvement by Twitter. Dorsey responded with humour that “now we’re talking”. Not Jony Ive jumped in to approve of the ongoing interaction with a classic “+1”.