Samsung’s mobile division had a good start this year with the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. However, their flagship phablet, the Note 7 turned to be a disaster as it faulty batteries that started blowing up. The Note 7 was recalled and killed about two months back. Samsung also took further action by pushing updates to all the Note 7s which restricted the smartphone to a certain amount of battery charge.
While the company had recently confirmed that about 90 percent of the units have been taken off the market, a research firm called Apteligent has reported that as of last week, the number of Galaxy Note 7 units in use were more than the LG V20 and OnePlus 3T combined, which also a few units less than the Moto Z. This means that the 10 percent that Samsung has not managed to pull out, is definitely a large number.
Samsung still has a lot to do if it wants to completely clean up the mess caused by the Note 7.  There is obviously a big difference between how many units were on the market compared to now, but there is also the factor of units sold in the grey markets and through other illegal means. Hopefully Samsung will fully clean up all the Note 7 units by pushing an update that would brick the device.