German car maker Volkswagen has confirmed that it will be launching a seven-seat version of the Tiguan SUV wearing the Allspace badge next year. The special badge, according to the company, is to set it apart from the standard wheelbase, five-seater version, and to emphasize its attractive range of equipment features.
The new SUV is expected to go official at the Detroit Motor show in January, however there is design sketch released by the company. As per a source, the car will have a large wheelbase that is 11cm longer than the current generation Tiguan, which also recently won the 2016 Drive Car of the Year award.
The new long version of the Tiguan will come with more room in the interior apart from the longer wheelbase. The production of the car will begin in Europe by mid-2017 and is expected to be launch in certain regions by the end of 2017.  While details are still limited, it is expected to carry over the engine as the regular Tiguan along with a possible hybrid model. There is a slim chance that it will arrive in a diesel variant considering the issues Volkswagen faced in the past.
The price range is expected to be in around the $40,000 (Rs 27 lakh approx) bracket.