Apple CEO, Tim Cook raised some interesting questions by terming ‘Apple AirPods’ as ‘a runaway success’. The statement was in response to the interview given to CNBC Now during yesterday as Cook walked into the New York Stock Exchange. He detailed that the company is “making them just as fast as we can” citing tremendous demand from consumers.
As reported by The Verge, the interesting thing to note here is that Cook did not give away any hard factual data to back up his claim and for now we will have to take his word. However, on digging further, we were greeted with a ‘6 weeks’ estimate time for shippment on the AirPods product page.
According to reports by MacRumors the AirPods are showing the same shipping estimate since the first day. The product will not be available till mid-February in the Apple Pickup stores.
This comes right after the reports that some customers are finding the charging case of AirPods malfunctioning after some usage. According to previous reports, the delay in the launch of AirPods was caused because of Technical issues and difficulty in manufacturing.
According to the details, one of the issues was an audio sync problem between the individual pods and the iPhone. But the shipping delay is not an important parameter because we don’t know the number of initial AirPods shipped and the manufacturing capacity of the production facilities that are making the AirPods.