The newest announcement from Microsoft will let users easily connect with users, even without creating an account or downloading the client. So, you can simply join in as guest to access its features such as chat, voice and video calls.
To get started, one will have to head to, tap to start a conversation and add your name. Skype will then provide you with a unique conversation link, something similar to how Google let you invite non-Google users to Hangouts. The link can be shared with contacts. You can do so using email and social media, and share with individuals as well as groups. On sharing the links, you can then join the conversation as well as as the guest.
Microsoft will let users invite up to 300 people to chat, while up to 25 people on voice and video calls. And, all of this for free. Skype for web supports several features which include one to one group instant messaging, voice and video calls, screen sharing, file sharing and more.
There is another set of reports  circulating online that claim Skype suffered outage on 14 November. The reports furthermore add that some people are still facing difficulty sending messages on Skype chat. However, the engineers claim the problem has been ‘temporarily’fixed.