Intel has created a new organisation dedicated to autonomous driving technologies, called Automated Driving Group (ADG). The move follows close on the heels of an announcement that Intel chips would be used in self-driving cars being made by Delphi and Mobileye. ADG will be creating the next generation of driver assist systems and other solutions needed for autonomous vehicles.
Doug Davis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the ADG group
Intel has appointed Doug Davis as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the ADG group. Davis has been working at Intel for over 30 years, and has been at the forefront of some of the most disruptive technological innovations at the company. Davis started his career at Intel in the Military Division, and has worked with the Embedded Microcomputer Division, the Network Processor Division, the Infrastructure Processor Division and the Embedded and Communications Group over the course of his career. Davis has extended his retirement to take up the position. Most recently, Davis was the General Manager of the Internet of Things group.
Davis will be assisted by Kathy Winter. Winter was previously the Vice President of Software and Services for Automated Driving at Delphi. Winter is now the Vice President and General Manager of the Automated Solutions Division (ASD) at Intel. Winter will be working on solutions for automated driving. Winter was recognised for the first cross country drive in an autonomous vehicle in 2015. Before Delphi, Winter had worked in senior positions at Motorola Mobility.