Blu is facing a class action lawsuit in the US after mobile phones by the company were found to be secretly sending user information to servers in China. Blu admitted that it had updated firmware on phones to disable malware that collected text messages, call logs, and contacts from customers. The budget Android smartphones by Blu were affected by the malware.
Rosen Legal, a law firm that specialises in class action lawsuits, has posted a Consumer Security Alert. In the alert, Rosen Legal has announced that it has started investigating into the potential of a class action lawsuit against Blu. The alert asks Blu customers to check if their devices were affected by the malware. Rosen Legal has invited affected customers to participate in the class action lawsuit, with no cost to the users.
The backdoor to China was discovered by Kryptowire, an information security services company jumpstarted by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It was discovered that the data was being collected by the Chinese company Shanghai ADUPS. ADUPS released a statement saying that the firmware on the phone was not meant for those models, and is used in China to prevent spam. Blu promptly updated the firmware on their devices to prevent the data from being sent to China, and ADUPS deleted all the collected information.