For those who want to own an iPhone but the iPhone 7 won’t fit their budget, here’s some good news. 9To5Mac points out that Apple has started selling previous-gen iPhones, but refurbished, at lower prices on its online store.
A refurbished iPhone 6s, which is still a pretty good contender in the market today, is selling at $449 that is roughly Rs 30,000 for the 16GB model, and if you want the bigger iPhone 6s Plus than the 16GB model will cost $529 (approx Rs 35,300). The 64Gb iPhone 6s Plus is priced at $589 (approx Rs 39,300). All come with free shipping and returns, and are available in all four colors. So, you would save roughly $110 that is about Rs 6,600 on iPhone 6s Plus models, and $80 (approx Rs 5,300) on the iPhone 6s. However, a 64GB iPhone 6s variant isn’t available in the refurbished form.
So, apart from the discounted rates that measure up to 15 percent, users also get a one-year factory warranty. The company also claims that the refurbished units won’t ship with older batteries, rather, they will come equipped with newer ones.
You can check out the Apple store for refurbished products here.