Apple has released iOS 10.2 Beta 3, the previously introduced SOS functionality is now available only in India. The panic button gets triggered on five rapid presses of the power button. A panic button was mandated by the IT minister in all smartphones by 2017, as a measure to improve security, especially for women. The founder of One Touch Response however, says the ruling should be supported by an emergency response helpline.
Videocon was one of the first to react, and has included a panic button functionality across all its phones, and Karbonn has an SOS app on all its phones from June. This is how the panic button works on iOS.
9to5Mac has details on the other changes in the latest update. The videos app has been replaced by the TV app. The TV app ties in to third party video content providers that choose to support the TV app, and aggregates view history from all those apps into one screen. The feedback app has returned, so users can conveniently send back feedback on the beta to Apple. In messages, there is a new “Love” screen effect which is a heart that blows up like a balloon and floats across the screen.
The beta is available for free to the public. Any Apple user who wants to try it out on their device, just needs to opt in for the beta on the Apple web site.