Just when you thought the exploding smartphones (Galaxy Note 7) were taken care of, a new smartphone has been reported to blow up. According to Amarjit Mann, he felt his Galaxy S7 phone getting warm in his pocket while he was driving. As soon as he took it out, it exploded in his hand causing second degree burns on his hands and third-degree burns on his wrist.
The owner of the smartphone added that the burning handset was stuck to his hand before he was able to throw it out of his car’s window, “This is a nightmare for me, I’ve never seen anything like this. I should’ve lost my eyes, or my cheeks or anything could have happened. I luckily threw it outside. It should have damaged my whole car. I just saw smoke and nothing else.”
Now before you panic, let us tell you that not all Galaxy S7 smartphone are exploding. It was probably one of the few unlucky units that faced an unprecedented battery failure. For that matter, even a few iPhone devices have been reported to explode.
However the news is something that the company should worry about as it recently issues a worldwide recall and halted production of the Galaxy Note 7 as the smartphone was catching on fire as well as exploding. Samsung also had reportedly recalled 2.8 million washing machines in the US as they were falling apart and hurting consumers during usage. If the exploding cases continue, Samsung is going to have a rough time.