Pokémon Go launched as one of the biggest smartphone games of all times. Based on the popular cartoon TV show, the game has also been one of the biggest launches for Nintendo. While the game is still not officially launched in India, it did have a huge following.
Today, while there are many who have given up on the game, there are a few loyal fans that are still playing the game. Niantic had mentioned that it is a small company with limited employees but it is trying hard to bring new features and add new countries.
The last update brought in some new features like changes in medals and Pokémon bonuses as well as the ability to take six Pokémons when battling a friendly gym. The new update however has upset some people. It is reported that a new update stops the spawning of Pokémons if one is travelling at a speed faster than 30mph. This is of course a security measure but then what about players who are in the passenger seat?
The outrage will be short lived though as another update has started rolling which is said to have fixed the issue. Yay!
What do you think about the game. Are you bored? Are you still a loyal player? Tell us about your experience.